SCALES’ AXelerators

Throughout numerous implementations, SCALES has developed AXelerators for several generic demands


We provide these AXelerators for our AX customers as-is with no license cost or maintenance fee. We do strongly believe in this concept, which differs substantially from the usual concepts of ISV Solutions.

SMART AXelerators

The AXelerators are in general provided as smart as possible with the smallest possible impact and footprint in standard AX. By this, the AXelerators are easier to upgrade or replace if Microsoft offers similar functionality in the next releases of standard AX


The cost-free AXelerators offers a transparent concept in terms of cost as we do not charge for the software but charge the implementation costs as any other part of the Services Delivery. The AXelerators, covering Master Data Management, Vendor Invoice WorkFlow and several AXelerators for HR are developed based on lack of functionality in either standard AX or in the stack of ISV Solutions in the AX Community.

SCALES’ Point of View on ISV Solutions

We do not in general have much faith In ISV Solutions. ISV Solutions should be addressed as customizations and not the miracle cure as some vendors claim them to be. Often tend ISV Solutions to impose a huge dependency on the ISV Vendor and often much more than anticipated by the customer. The ISV Solutions also tend to be at least as costly in upgrading and will potentially impose a higher TCO than compared to the situation without the ISV Solution.


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