By Peter Sjøgren

Msc. Business Economics+MBA, Principal, Consulting Director


"Unless commitment is made, there is only promises and hope"
Peter Drucker

It cannot be stated clearer than in the above quote – If you do not have true involvement in and commitment to what one does in one’s life, you will rely on hope and promises, and you will not have the necessary empathy and stamina to realize these promises.

I am very keen that in when you are paid to deliver, you must impose on yourself the most diligent dedication to achieve the goal. When I deliver to a customer, I always want the customer to feel my commitment to what I deliver, whether it requires extraordinary effort or to take a step further than what is expected of me.

In SCALES, the commitment has many faces - we have a thorough commitment to the product, in the solutions we provide but particularly also human relations. The commitment to ones colleagues and in the personal cooperation which occurs with the client's employees is the foundation for long-lasting and competent team-work.

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"Losers make promises they often break - winners give binding commitments they always keep"