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Leading through skills, competencies and insights

Leadership TEAM

The leadership team is highly focused on being able to execute with agility and scalability based on the deep industry knowledge and unparalleled product knowledge represented by our highly experienced employees. We want to be a game-changer and a game-challenger.


In the market for more than 20 years

The executive leadership in SCALES is not just grabbing the mission statements from the marketing tool-box - they have all been part of the market for at least 20 years, and have lived through the maturing of products, clients and employees – from the early adopters to the biggest and most complex projects world-wide. All members of the leadership team have decades of hands-on project- and product experience and has a proven track record from both driving their own business and from being in leadership positions in the largest System Integrators worldwide.

The team’s history

Jesper Outze (MSc. Economics) and Hasse Bergman (Exam. MSc. Computer Science) in 1998 established HOB Business Solutions A/S and together with Peter Sjøgren (MSc. Business Adm. + MBA) and Anders Warncke (MSc. Engineering) moved the company to become a top 5 Dynamics AX vendor within 4 years, by stable and constant organic growth. Delivering complex and multinational projects was the focus, and in 2007 the Accenture owned global systems integrator Avanade acquired HOB as the strategic platform for establishing a complete Nordic AX delivery team.


The Nordic ERP practice in Accenture/Avanade was tripled during the team's leadership, and the addition of the Swedish based Accenture Sr. Manager Michael Villumsen (MSc. International Marketing and Management + MBA) to the team was key to the success of the business unit. In the years from 2005 and on, Peter Sjøgren took on the role as Team Leader for the DK-east section of Logica (CGI).


With an unprecedented strong leadership team with numerous global and local ERP projects delivered, SCALES is managed by people with immense hands-on and leadership experience. SCALES' unique business operating model is a derivative of the sum of experience from operating a local owner driven business and the largest IT consulting businesses in the world.


All members of the leadership team have roles in projects or sales and are working as part of sales or delivery teams alongside skilled colleagues daily.

The Executive leadership Team

Contact Hasse Bergman at SCALES

Hasse Bergman, CEO and VP Sales, Sr. Principal
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Jesper Outze, CEO and VP Solutions, Sr. Principal
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Contact Peter Sjøgren at SCALES

Peter Sjøgren, VP Operations, Sr. Principal
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