Global Delivery

Obtaining faster and better control over financial figures, resources and capacity usage, flow of goods and materials

Core Multisite rollouts

SCALES and our employees have, through the recent 6 years, been handling numerous Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 projects for multinational companies.


When a multinational company is implementing Dynamics 365 across several business entities, the project must include a very strong focus on alignment of processes, data structure and harvesting of synergies through harmonisation and better use of the cross-border resources and knowledge.


Obtaining faster and better control over financial figures, resources and capacity usage, flow of goods and materials – or whatever is the most essential success factor for the business – will be at the very highest priority for a multi-site project.


SCALES holds some of the most skilled people when it comes to experience with structuring of the most complex and large-scale multisite rollouts.

Some of the objectives of the project usually are:


The above is by no means an exhaustive list of objectives – which may vary from business to business. SCALES holds specialists within all domains of securing the best roll out structure for your business – and will bring you unmatched quality advice and experience. The project will not be simple – and we hold many proven implementation patterns to most of the known challenges in a Core Multisite Rollout – some of which are highlighted below:


Sites may require the same level of solution complexity as the parent company, without having the same resources. One size does not fit all. Being scalable in all aspects of the business, is a growing demand for most businesses and part of this can be achieved through harmonisation with respect for the different complexities in the sites.


Sites with specialised functions must meet specific industry or vertical requirements that differ from those of other sites and the parent company. Not all sites operate the same day-today business, and being able to execute the specific site’s business is as important as being able to standardise.


Sites need a solution that meets local regulatory and market requirements and specific business practices that can be supported by local resources. Dynamics 365 holds localization for 42 countries – but the business climate, culture, language barrier and site specific readiness is equally important to handle thoroughly in the project.


The organisation must find a balance between core functionality and the flexibility for sites to deviate from the core functionality in order to adapt to local conditions for increased productivity. The ability to make, control, and track such changes can significantly impact TCO and upgrade deployments.


Once the project moves into the phase of international deployment, SCALES has on-site Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 delivery capability in more than 45 countries through AxPact.

SCALES delivers decades of deep insight from working in your line of business – feel the difference.