By Hasse Bergman

Msc. Computer Science, Sr. Principal, CEO


"Honesty is the first chapter in the Book of Wisdom"
Thomas Jefferson


When you drive a long term business relation within a knowledge based business, you can never compromise honesty. We are acting as consultants, sparring partners and implementers in areas that demand the outmost respect for honest dialogue on all fronts.


Certainly you can be profitable and successful in the short term without caring much for honesty – but SCALES wants be the preferred partner in the long term, and we want this done on a foundation of honesty.


In SCALES, we believe that customers understand their business deeply, and we believe that they always want to do what is best for their business. We also believe that we with hundreds of implementations behind us hold new views on old problems that can make the client's business more efficient. When we are advising our clients on how to get most value from their business applications we allow ourselves to have enough confidence to do it honestly, credibly and with personal and professional integrity.


However – we do recognize the boundaries of our knowledge - nobody knows everything. No one should even appear to know everything.

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"Honest disagreement is often a good sign of progress"