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Become a BIBuilder4Dynamics Implementer

More and more BI consultancies see the benefit of a data warehouse simplification tool for Dynamics365 and AX. Data extraction with BIBuilder4Dynamics is the natural starting point for a BI project on any Dynamics365 or AX solution. You too can become an implementer of BIBuilder4Dynamics. Please call for more information today.




By using BIBuilder4AX in your project, you will reduce the unproductive time spent on bringing Dynamics data into the BI system. The staging area alone will be delivered in 75% less time. And you will not be caught out by stored procedures or proprietary database layers. As the only automation tool in the market, BIBuilder4Dynamics delivers 100% standard SQL server components that you have total freedom to customise further with the Microsoft BI stack.



You can also choose to let BIBuilder4Dynamics automate the data warehouse and cube layer, saving even more time. The best part is that you will be less dependent on ERP consultants to explain the datamodel in Dynamics365 or AX. This puts you more control of the BI delivery, and saves the customer a lot of unproductive coordination time. The savings can be shared between you and the customer, making both parties better off.

Competitive advantage

Being a BIBuilder4Dynamics implementer can give you a competitive advange in bidding for large BI projects. It can also strengthen an existing customer relationship. More and more Dynamics365 and AX customers have heard about the product, and acknowledge you as their BI

partner when you know about next generation BI automation tools. Either way, be sure to present BIBuilder4Dynamics for your Dynamics customer before somebody else does.

Getting started

When signing up as a BIBuilder4Dynamics implementer, you will receive a trial license and training of your staff. For your Dynamics365 or AX customers, you will receive additional trial licenses that make you able to show them their data within days. You will be first to hear about BIBuilder4Dynamics updates, new functionalities, and tips and tricks.

More Information

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For more information about how to become a BIBuilder4Dynamics implementer, please contact

Søren Sparsø

Technical Lead

+45 5146 5747