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Numerous companies have implemented ERP systems and thus gained a competitive advantage over the competition. Some functions are standard functions (accounting, salaries etc.) and easy to use. However, using the system in areas that are unique to your company (CRM, project implementation, production or distribution) can be problematic. If you choose SCALES as your supplier of D365FO, we will make sure the system is adjusted to your criteria and procedures – regardless of the industry you belong to.

D365FO i funktion på lager

Dynamics 365

D365FO is a cloud-based ERP solution for companies and organisations rich in functions. D365FO supports various industries through comprehensive ERP features for finance, human resources, public sector, project, production and supply chain in one integrated solution.

Moreover, D365FO supports complex business scenarios, while being intuitive and easy to use through the well-known Office user interface.

SCALES' four founders


SCALES was established in autumn 2011 by Jesper Outze, Hasse Bergman, Peter Sjøgren and Anders Warncke. They continue to be part of the management of SCALES with Jesper and Hasse as co-CEOs.

The four founders have worked together since the late 1990s, always with a focus on ERP implementations based on Microsoft technology.