Collaboration between two colleagues

We are looking for colleagues who are enthusiastic about making a difference

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Profile examples:

Focus leads to focus

At SCALES, we focus on D365FO. We want to continue to be the best in the market, and we have therefore chosen to focus all our energy into this product – both when it comes to training, knowledge sharing, methods and of course projects, all of which are based on D356FO.

Of course, we take our own medicine and use D365FO as our internal ERP system. We have adjusted our methods and procedures to reflect D365FO. This will give you a more efficient workday with efficient project delivery, where you can focus on what you are passionate about.

Meet one of our many talented colleagues

Gitte has been with us since 2014, and as People Lead today she helps carry on the values that made her to apply for a job at SCALES in the first place. Because as Gitte says, it is about “acknowledging and listening to the individual member of staff and their wishes.”

Gitte values the flat organisation here at SCALES, which she believes is unique, as everybody works together “on the floor”.

She explains: “When I first joined SCALES, I worked closely together with the CEO, and we solved lots of simple tasks together.”

Gitte mentions another great advantage to working at SCALES, namely the transparent flex arrangement:

“Aside from the financial value of the arrangement, it also holds great personal value and is a huge plus when you have small children.”