Do you want to be a Project ManagerFunctional ConsultantDeveloper focussing on implementation of IT solutions?

Did you just complete your education in IT, project management, software development and/or business processes? Do you have practical experience within one or more of these areas from a student job or short-term employment? Or are you looking for a career change that will allow you to bring you skills in play in a new context?

If so, SCALES’ graduate programme may just be the right career path for you. Contact us today to learn more.

What does a graduate programme at SCALES involve?

Group work in SCALES Academy

As a graduate at SCALES, you will participate in a one-year well-structured, well-tested programme. Together with a team of other graduates you will grow during the intense training programme consisting of class teaching, mentoring and close cooperation with colleagues and clients in projects.

The main elements of the programme are:

  • Being part of a graduate team
  • Receiving formalised training tailored to consultants, project managers and developers, respectively

Among other things, the teaching will focus on:

  • D365FO funktionalitet og processer
  • SCALES Implementeringsmetode
  • Rolle kompetencer
  • Relevante værktøjer
    ·        Mentoring
    ·        Participation in client projects
    ·        Mentor and buddy programme
    ·        Personal development programme
    ·        Self-study
    ·        Certifications
    ·        Access to SCALES Academy
    ·        Participation in professional networks
    ·        Informal networks and social activities

All in all, the programme is a great learning environment for anyone interested in improving their skills in a setting where cooperation with and learning from dedicated, experienced colleagues is key.

Client-graduate relationship

In SCALES’ graduate programme, participation in and learning through projects is key. Therefore, the client-graduate relationship is important. As a graduate, you will find that our clients support and actively contribute to your training, and they help provide you with as positive a learning environment as possible to support your development.

Become part of a strong community

From 2020-2022 three new graduate teams have started each year with a total of 20-30 graduates a year. Thus, you will become part of a large community of graduates and former graduates.
Our mentor and buddy programme will give you access to an informal, strong network of colleagues facilitating anything from professional back-and-forth to friendly conversation.
It is up to you whether you wish to contribute to professional networks, manage social activities or “merely” organise the next Friday bar.

SCALES offers three graduate tracks with loads of opportunities

At SCALES, you can become a graduate within one of three tracks: Project Manager, Business Consultant/Functional Consultant and Developer.

Each track enables you to specialise within a number of areas and job types:

Project Manager

  • Project Management
  • Program Management
  • Test Management
  • Release Management
  • Track Management within Integrations, Migration or Master Data Management
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Business Process Management
  • Service Delivery Manager

Business Consultant/ Functional Consultant

  • Functional Consultant within Finance, Supply Chain or HR
  • Integration Specialist
  • Migration Specialist
  • Reporting Specialist
  • Process Specialist
  • Testing Specialist
  • Training Specialist
  • Functional Solution Architect
  • Application Supporter


  • D365FO Developer
  • Reporting Developer
  • Integration Developer
  • Azure Developer
  • Power Apps Developer
  • BI Developer
  • Technical Solution Architect
  • Infrastructure Solution Architect