D365 job interview in SCALES

Time for a job change?

We are always looking for new experienced colleagues who are enthusiastic about making a difference to our clients and who wish to be part of a community where cooperation leads to excellence.

Do you have experience with D365/AX or a similar ERP system? If so, please send us some information about who you are and your career so far. Contact us and we will reach out to you.

We share our knowledge and support your professional development

At SCALES, we take pride in delivering high-quality projects, and that presupposes in-depth professional knowledge of D365FO. Therefore, we attach great importance to training and knowledge sharing, also among experienced consultants. Some of your colleagues at SCALES have worked in the industry for many years, and you will get access to a unique network of competencies who can provide competent feedback, which will propel your professional development.

We give priority to your personal development

At SCALES, we believe that your personal development is just as important as your professional development.
Therefore, we also focus on your personal competencies and offer courses in presentation techniques, consultancy skills, conflict management, mindfulness and more.

Optimal cooperation through closeness and influence

We are a Danish company, and all members of staff live in Denmark and speak Danish. This facilitates close physical cooperation and mutual understanding of the services we provide. We are organised in project groups which facilitates open professional discussion. SCALES is characterised by a flat organisation and an informal working environment. Everyone’s opinion matters, and we are more than happy to listen to your ideas. We will support you in your ambitions and provide you with the training you need to pursue your dream career.

We want to create value

We have cut away the excess fat – complex processes and procedures. We focus on the things that create value for our clients, the project, SCALES and you. This means that you can devote your time to what really interests you and won’t feel that you are wasting time on red tape.

We focus on your happiness

Job satisfaction is a precondition for happiness in life. We all spend a large part of the day at work, and therefore, your job satisfaction is important to us.

We attach great importance to co-determination and influence, and we believe that trust and positive surroundings create the perfect working environment where you will feel that your contribution makes a difference and you are able to make your own decisions. Cooperation is key. We get the best result when everyone’s competences are brought into play and we support each other. Respect for the individual, a civil tone and the feeling that your colleagues have your back are all vital to creating a working environment where everyone thrives.


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