SCALES' four founders

The four founders

SCALES was founded in autumn 2011 by Jesper Outze, Hasse Bergman, Peter Sjøgren and Anders Warncke. The four founders continue to be part of the day-to-day management of SCALES with Jesper and Hasse at the head as CEOs.

The founders have worked closely together since the late 1990s focusing on ERP implementations based on Microsoft technology.

The story behind the name

SCALES stands for “scalability” and “balance”. Our focus on scalability is meant to ensure that every new solution, method, tool, internal and external process adds permanent value to the company and thus to our clients, small or large. And our focus on “balance” is meant to ensure that there is a balance between the value the clients experience and the prize of the product we deliver. This balance should be visible to the clients.

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– an NNIT Group Company

In May 2017, SCALES was purchased by NNIT A/S. However, SCALES A/S continues to be a 100% independent company with its own offices, management and values.

SCALES’ values

SCALES’ set of values, “Commitment, Efficiency, Honesty”, has not changed since the formation of the company. These values continue to be a three-fold guiding star in anything we do.


“Unless commitment is made,
there is only promises and hope”

– Peter Drucker

The quote above is spot on: If you are not truly committed to what you do in life, you have to rely on hope and promises, and the result is a feeling of lack of control when it comes to achieving your goals. Therefore, SCALES will always be committed to the successes we wish to create together with our clients and to the staff that make up SCALES.

Collaboration between two colleagues
whiteboard work


“Efficiency is doing things right;
effectiveness is doing the right things”

– Peter Drucker

It is vital to SCALES that all of our staff consider efficiency the perhaps strongest of our values – in the classical sense: “Efficiency is achieved when you cannot get a better result or value with the available resources, and when the actual result or value cannot be achieved with less effort.” SCALES will always strive for a good, efficient working relationship with our clients – both in large projects, day-to-day support, all underlying cooperation and management hereof.


“Honesty is the first chapter in the Book of Wisdom”

– Thomas Jefferson

SCALES is a knowledge-based company, and as adviser and implementation partner we can never compromise on honesty, neither in our interaction with clients nor in in-house day-to-day activities. At SCALES, we believe that our clients are the ones who know their business best, and that they will always do what is best for their business. We also believe that we – with experience from hundreds of implementations – are able to look at old problems with fresh eyes. When we advise our clients on how to get the most out of their business applications, we allow ourselves to be self-confident enough to do it in an honest, trustworthy way and with great personal and professional integrity.

close-up of SCALES colleague