Group work in SCALES Academy

Why SCALES Academy?

SCALES invests a lot in staff development. Training and skill development are a natural part of being a trusted and leading Microsoft partner. This requires that a lot of our staff are familiar with the Dynamics 356 family products, Finance & Operations in particular.

SCALES offers courses and training for staff at all levels. It is vital that all members of staff are well-prepared to carry out various tasks for our clients. Therefore, the course portfolio does not contain professional courses only; it also focusses on personal development.

SCALES’ increasing focus on development is a result of the company’s continued growth and the fact that D365FO ERP projects have become more complex.

What does SCALES Academy do?

SCALES Academy is the collective name for training activities at SCALES. It includes a wide range of different activities designed to support your ongoing learning and development vis-à-vis your role here at SCALES.

Here our colleagues and new members of staff can participate in:

  • D365FO product training with a view to building professional competences and achieving a relevant Microsoft certification
  • D365FO developer training with a view to acquiring the professional competences needed to develop modifications, integrations etc. for our clients
  • Method training with a view to understanding SCALES’ approach to ERP projects and our client cooperation model
  • Personal development with a view to building consultancy competences and being a valuable member of project teams

We strive to create as close a link as possible between the participants’ learning and their project work.


What do you get out of SCALES Academy?

SCALES Academy and working in SCALES will altogether make you the best project manager, functional consultant or technical consultant within the D365FO framework with strong and relevant experience as well as certifications.

SCALES Academy helps turn our colleagues into talented D365FO consultants (in any role imaginable) and strong team players. Naturally, the main part of your learning takes place in our many projects, and we supplement your SCALES Academy training with a mentor and buddy programme to ensure that you quickly get settled in your project and are able to make a valuable contribution.

Through relevant certifications and experience, you will become an asset to our projects in no time.

What does SCALES get out of it?

Due to SCALES Academy, we are at the forefront of the ERP market as a leading partner in D365FO implementations. Our position is recognised by Microsoft and companies looking for long-term partners.

SCALES Academy thus contributes to SCALES’ vision of being a leading provider of D365FO solutions in Denmark. But it is also an important part of our culture, which promotes team spirit and learning.

SCALES Academy also supports SCALES’ central role in the ERP industry – more specifically D365FO, but also in general – by regularly adding and developing competences that boost clients’ ERP projects. This is something we are proud of!

For many years, SCALES has been a strong Microsoft partner, which our many Microsoft Awards testify to. It is a position we intend to keep!

What is the value of SCALES Academy?

SCALES Academy provides a combination of different learning forms and methods. Courses are taught by experienced members of staff as well as strong external partners with a view to gaining as much value as possible from each learning session.

Most courses are held at SCALES. Many have been developed by SCALES employees, others by external course partners, which ensures the best combination of internal and external competences.

At SCALES, we take great pride in giving everyone a chance to pass on their knowledge – as the expert teaching one or more courses or as an active participant in the professional networks, which are central to sharing the latest trends and experiences.

SCALES supplements these activities with relevant courses from external partners to make sure we also get valuable input from outside.

SCALES Academy is an important part of the graduate programmes

SCALES Academy supports SCALES’ many graduate programmes. The courses are targeted at young employees, who of course have a lot to learn – especially about being part of an ERP project.

Most SCALES graduate programmes take 12 months, during which we will reach various subsidiary goals together. In practice, you start out by taking a series of SCALES Academy courses, which will prepare you for doing your job here at SCALES. This is combined with active participation in client projects, which will strengthen your professional skills.

During the entire programme, we focus on facilitating learning and development – both in a “safe space” here at SCALES Academy and in actual projects, where your contribution may be vital to reaching project milestones.