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Competent and experienced team

SCALES covers all aspects of D365FO. Once we have successfully implemented your ERP solution, SCALES’ experienced service and support team will be ready to maintain your business systems. We will also help you adapt to the life of continuous updates from Microsoft. Once SCALES has implemented D365FO, you will never have to implement another ERP system. You can count on us to help you stay up-to-date on the latest D365FO versions and functions.

Always right here and always ready to help

SCALES supports more than 50 installations of different versions of Microsoft Dynamics, and we have the largest and most experienced knowledge base of D365FO experts among Microsoft partners in the world. This enables us to support all modules and versions of D356FO. With SCALES’ unique engagement model of virtual support teams, you get access to the best technical and functional experts who have in-depth knowledge of your system and the latest D356FO functions.

The service and support team works closely together with our product and infrastructure teams with a view to supporting D356FO as well as the Microsoft suite and surrounding application ecosystems. This means that you can feel secure with your SCALES support engagement.

“Always on” with a Service Level Agreement (SLA)

With a SCALES Service Level Agreement your ERP business applications are in the best hands and guaranteed support and quick response in case of problems or adverse events.

SCALES’ team services clients with any Dynamics version and several ISV products. We cooperate with Microsoft on a daily and direct basis on proactive as well as reactive support cases. Our cooperation with Microsoft falls under the Advanced Support for Partners agreement, which ensures top priority to our clients in every case.
We customise our support processes and tools to your needs to make sure you experience efficient and smooth response that can be integrated smoothly into any support organisation.

Stay up-to-date with a One Version Agreement (OVA)

With a SCALES One Version Agreement SCALES will administer and maintain your ERP business application according to your needs. Our dedicated and experienced Service Delivery Managers will make sure all your D356FO environments are up-to-date – both with regard to service and quality updates – in accordance with an annual cycle of work tailored to your business. This includes planning and management of tests and implementation of several of the four annual Microsoft service updates.

SCALES will inform you proactively of new functions from Microsoft and help you understand how they can add value to your business. This is to make sure you get as much as possible out of these updates and that you benefit from your D356FO license investment.

Future D365FO updates – we are here for you

SCALES will be your trusted adviser in your development as a business.
Our service and support team is always ready to help with improvements or changes to your D356FO and business processes. Let SCALES help you explore existing and new D356FO functionalities, expand your current solution or integrate new systems. We have lots of experience in applying changes to the Dynamics family, which ensures that your D356FO solution and your business will continue to grow as new improvements are made available.

close-up of SCALES colleague