We acknowledge the importance of social responsibility

There is no mistaking the importance of incorporating sustainability into all aspects of our interaction with society. As a company, we are responsible for setting high standards externally as well as internally. SCALES provides services in the form of consultancy and assistance in implementing complex ERP systems, and we can thus indirectly help to make sustainability a permanent item on the agenda of our clients as well as our staff. Our main direct contribution is in-house via our staff. Therefore, we have chosen to join and actively contribute to the Danish Microsoft Pledge community. In addition, SCALES wishes to maintain a significant focus on all the social aspects that we, as employer, are able to influence.

Microsoft Pledge Partner

In 2022, SCALES signed the Microsoft Partner Pledge. Through cross-disciplinary knowledge sharing, we strive to become a more responsible company. SCALES participates in the annual Microsoft Partner Pledge Summits, which focus on the five main goals: digital skills, sustainability, responsible and ethical AI, cybersecurity, and diversity and inclusion.

Microsoft Partner Pledge

Inclusion, diversity and equality at SCALES

The culture at SCALES is based on a desire to make room for everyone. Diversity, inclusion and equality are keywords at SCALES, as we believe a group of employees with different backgrounds will come up with better solutions. Instead of focussing on a person’s background, we are interested in the competences and qualities they bring with them and how they can be put to use in new ways. This is evident from our diverse group of staff. Everyone – from the geologist to the choreographer and the university graduate – contributes to our diverse and innovative workplace.


To cater to the diversity of our staff and to be inclusive, it is important to us that we are able to get to know each other.

Therefore, we organise social events such as Friday bars, and the Staff Association’s events allow you to share your interests and hobbies with your colleagues.

Women at SCALES

In recent years, SCALES has sought to attract more women to the IT industry. There is still work to be done, but in 2022, we saw good results. 55 % of the graduates who joined us in 2022 were women.

This is something we are proud of.

The total share of women at SCALES in the beginning of 2023 is 33 %.


Equality is an essential part of our culture here at SCALES, where each employee matters, regardless of their job description. You can come to work wearing your favourite T-shirt from the 1980s or your Sunday best; appearances and background does not matter. Instead, we focus on the value you create.

At SCALES, we have a flat organisational structure, which means that you can chat with the CEO over a cup of coffee or share your ideas with your superior. This is evident from the latest package of perks, which i.a. offer employees a chance to upgrade their skills based on input from their colleagues

Digital skills development

At SCALES, we are not impervious to the shortage of qualified labour and we acknowledge the risk we are facing as a society and as a business. We want to take responsibility and contribute to the training of talented employees, who can help meet future needs. Therefore, we invest a lot in our graduate programmes.

The graduate programmes facilitate digital skills development. Each programme follows a set structure, where talented and experienced members of staff who are also D365FO experts help the participants acquire new digital skills and competences.

We are proud of our contribution to the development of new talent. Ever since we launched the graduate programmes, we have enhanced the qualifications of lots of talented employees to the advantage of SCALES as well as our clients.

Number of employees who finished a graduate programme in SCALES*
Number of employees who’s currently in the graduate programmes*

*Since 2013

Social responsibility

At SCALES, we strive to create an attractive workplace for our staff. We do this i.a. by introducing various initiatives all aimed at boosting employee happiness. For example, we have introduced flexible working hours to cater to the different needs and family structures of our employees.

It is important to SCALES to create an open and honest environment, where you can ask your colleagues for help and where there is room for diversity. To do so, we organise various social activities such as Friday bars, the DHL race and staff social club events. Your imagination is the limit. Recent activities include bridge, cocktail course, petanque, bungee jumping, escape room and board game night. At these events, you get a chance to talk to colleagues from different areas, and they help maintain the strong, free and easy community that we are proud to say characterises SCALES.