Published On: 18/09/2023

It is now possible to deliver VAT returns directly to the Danish Tax Agency. The solution is utilizing Electronic Reporting in D365FO and is entirely configurable.

The Danish Tax Agency’s API solution for VAT reporting, also known as NemVirksomhed, is a collective term for the 3 API solutions that are primarily aimed at providers of accounting programs. The solution makes it possible for you as a provider to display data from the accounting program directly to the Danish Tax Agency’s VAT report.

There are 3 different messages:

  • DK VAT calendar request
    • This Web Service returns dates for which the legal entity has to submit VAT Returns by. These dates are required, when submitting VAT Returns
  • DK VAT return submission
    • This Web Services submits a draft of the VAT Returns to with all the fields you need to fill in. The Web Service returns a deep link to, where the legal entity can access the submitted VAT Returns and approve it.
  • DK VAT return receipt request
    • This Web Service provides a receipt for the VAT Returns given that the legal entity has approved it. This service also includes payment information on how to pay any outstanding balance.


This is the technical overview of the solution.


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