In a nutshell, D365FO is what we do. We are D365FO.

We are the experts in every aspect of D365FO. We know the past, present and future. We follow all of Microsoft’s new developments and we continuously invest in understanding all possible implications of the technical and functional breakthroughs and news from Microsoft. How does it work, how can it be implemented and most importantly: how may it help our customers?

We help with all aspects of maintaining and implementing D365FO, from the very first idea to the continuous support and knowledge sharing, from the beginning to the end.

We make big international companies reach their goal as well as smaller local Danish companies – and everything in between. Common for all our customers is that they need help with implementing D365FO, and we are the experts. We can assist with everything, from the initial meetings concerning vision, preparation of business case, estimation and scoping to a successful go-live.

What is D365FO generally?

D365FO is a cloud based ERP-solution for companies and organisations with very rich functionality. D365FO supports many industries with its comprehensive ERP functionalities for finance, HR, retail, public sector, projects, production and supply chain in one integrated solution.

D365FO is designed to be a global solution, as it is being installed in a global instance. D365FO covers local legal requirements for more than 40 countries, more than 50 languages, all currencies, controlling of time zones, intercompany for trading and projects, shared service functions for finance and automation of a lot of functionalities across legal instances.

D365FO supports complex business scenarios, and at the same time, it is simple and intuitive to use with the well-known Office user interface.